I was thinking….

I still haven’t changed my scrapness blog from blogspot to here… in fact I’m having second doubts…

For the moment my english blog will remain on http://scrapness.blogspot.com

But I’m having some great fun in Dutch on my new blog Zuurstof! It will be about all my creative escapades and all things inspirational that i find out there on the net. Just take a peek! You won’t be disseapointed (if you can read in dutch!! hihi!)

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Hello world!

It’s just that I liked the style of WordPress so much, I just had to have one! I mean, a word-press blog. So that’s right, it’s my place on the Internet to get my own virtual creative breath of air!I have seen so many nice blogs out there and I hope I can make this blog a place where I can vent my ideas, share those lovely places I have found and show off those digital scrap-booking lay outs I spent my time making! Of course , this is just the start, I will be posting links to blogs I find interesting, lay outs, tutorials, photographs, sharing a tiny bit of my world with you.

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